Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Greenleaf CBD Hemp Oil comes out of the cold press a dark green color, due to the chlorophyll and other phytonutrients from the hemp plant.
We don’t add any flavoring agents to our CBD Hemp Oil, so it tastes very natural. For those that have never tasted raw hemp, it tastes grassy, similar to wheat grass. Our oil has a high CBDA content, so it can be a bit acidic. Many people like to wash the oil down with a water or another beverage.
Raw hemp doesn’t contain large amounts of CBD. It actually contains large amounts of CBDA. CBDA is the acid precursor of CBD. When raw hemp is heated to extreme temperatures or burned, a process called decarboxylation turns CBDA into CBD. While concrete evidence in the cannabis space is scarce, there is some promising work indicating that CBDA could be more potent in many ways than CBD. Since we never expose our cold pressed CBD Hemp Oil to extreme temperatures or chemicals, we retain all of the naturally occurring CBDA.
This is a difficult question to answer. Proper dosing will vary by weight, age, gender, metabolism, activity level, what you are trying to treat, and how your body reacts to cannabinoids. Unfortunately, there are too many variables to give rigid dosing guidelines. Fortunately, there have been no known cases of people overdosing on CBD products. Regardless, it is still best to start at smaller doses and work your way up until you hit an effective dosage. Starting with 16.7mg, half a dropper or one gel cap, 1-2 times a day is a good starting point for most people. For larger and more active people, you might find that doses of 66.7mg or more a day are appropriate, 2 full droppers or 4 gel caps. There are even quite a few people that take 100mg or more a day.
Here at Dr Greenleaf Botanicals, we give a 30 day money back guarantee from date of the purchase. You simply need contact support@drgreenleafbotanicals.
Orders placed within business hours Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, will be processed and shipped the same day. Orders placed after business hours will be processed and shipped the next day. Orders placed over the weekend or on holidays will be processed and shipped on the next business day.
All packages will be shipped first class mail. Shipping time is typically between 3-5 days. After the product has shipped, we will send you an email with the tracking information. This email will also confirm the shipping address. We encourage you to read the confirmation email to verify that the shipping information is correct. Dr Greenleaf Botanicals is not responsible for lost shipments due to incorrect addresses.
The 2018 Farm Bill made cannabinoid products derived from hemp legal at the federal level. Cannabinoid products derived from hemp are also legal in most states, but not all states. State laws are changing rapidly, so it is important to check your specific state laws before purchasing a cannabinoid product.
Cannabinoid and hemp products are known for having few if any negative side effects. However, cannabinoids may have negative interactions with prescription drugs. If you are taking prescription drugs, you should check with your physician to make sure cannabinoids are safe for you to take.

Other very minor side effects could include dry mouth, a slight drop in blood pressure, drowsiness, and lightheadedness. The majority of people will not experience these side effects, but, if they do, they are normally very subtle.
No! THC is the only compound in the cannabis plant that has a psychoactive effect. Dr Greenleaf is produced from hemp, which contains less than 0.3% of THC.
This is a difficult question to answer. Products made from hemp must contain less than 0.3% THC. Dr Greenleaf always contains less THC than the legal limit, and normally significantly less. So, it is unlikely that someone would fail a drug test because they took Dr Greenleaf. But, it is not impossible. Even the trace amounts of THC found in Dr Greenleaf could build up in a person’s system over time. The amount that builds up will depend on a number of factors including the amount of Dr Greenleaf taken, body composition, and metabolism.
Many seniors suffer from conditions that cannabinoids have been known to treat. For example, many seniors like to take Dr Greenleaf to combat chronic pain and inflammation. Like all people, seniors will benefit from getting the most natural and bioavailable product on the market.
Dr Greenleaf should be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator, and out of the sunlight.
Unoppened Dr Greenleaf products will be good to use for at least 6 months from the date of purchase. Once opened, the product should be used within 2 months to avoid spoilage.
Our product is the most natural CBD Hemp Oil on the market. Dr Greenleaf CBD Hemp Oil is 100% cold pressed.
Our tinctures are vegan, but our gel capsules are not.
Yes, both our tinctures and gel capsules are gluten free.
Yes, both our tinctures and gel capsules are Non-GMO.
We do not currently ship internationally.
We are working to expand to Canada soon, but at this moment we cannot accept Canadian orders.